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We are all finished at the The White Tower, Tower of London

Over the last few weeks, we have been working hard to finish everything in The White Tower, Tower of London -..we think it looks amazing, lets hope the client does as well! 

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Loving this new equipment for White Tower

We have visited the workshop to see the equipment being made for to the White Tower -wow -we are loving this... 

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Farnham Mint Velvet Handed all finished

The team have been working hard over the weekend to finish Mint Velvet in Farnham -let's hope the customers like it! 

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What a great Discovery..

It has been all go at the White Tower this week, as when we have started to take the floor up we have discovered a Tudor Wall -WOW thats very exciting... Lets see what else we find...! 

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Another busy week....

We have travelled the length of the county this week., upto Scotland, down to Chichester and into London....We have been busy at Mint Velvet in Harpenden, painting and updating the store for the customers' See the photos attached from the empty shop on Monday to the finished inside today! -Well done team! 

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Ready to Start Painting

So after a week of stripping out, and working really hard, the team are ready to start painting at The Tower of London, White Tower.  The equipment is all being made and after that we will start installing this for handover.  We still have some electrics to complete, but its all planned and on track -well done team 

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We Are Back.... in 2016!

We are back and ready to get stuck into things in 2016.. and I am so exciting as we have been very busy planning and organising the new few weesk jobs... the first one starts tomorrow -in the Tower of London...Fantastic!! 

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Tunbridge Wells Looking all Christmassy!

In the lead upto to Christmas we have had the team out and about checking sites to ensure our works is still looking great... See the shots of Cook Tunbrideg Wells, WOW!!

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